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I first “met” Aziza and Cae about a year ago. I had just posted pictures of my Izzy cosplay from PAX East 2011 to the Dragon Age LJ (hey guys, remember LJ?), when I received a comment from Cae that was, incredibly paraphrased: “Hey! We’re working on an Isabela costume! We should talk about things!” Saying: “Okay!” and adding them as friends was probably one of my better, albeit seemingly inconsequential decisions, not only as a newly minted cosplayer, but also as someone who had barely graduated from college and who didn’t have as quite many friends left in NYC as she had hoped.

You see, as it turns out that they were also based out of NYC, which naturally led to dinners and gaming nights and cosplay sessions and friendship. “Friendship.” Peabody Tailoring, as they are known, is named after the “best” Dragon Age II PC ever, Mr. Peabody Hawke. No, seriously. The best. Ever. He’s so beautiful. “Beautiful.”

Cae, the seamstress of the duo, is phenomenal—have you seen her corset work? Damn. I continue to be impressed by the talent she exhibits every time she makes a costume (and she always makes two in one, so double the growth per project). She considers Isabela to be her first full costume, so given how beautifully it turned out, there’s really nowhere to go but up! Cae is also the one who sat down with me when I started the Smuggler and gave me tips on how to get started, because prior to the Smuggler I honestly had no idea of how to make clothing. She is definitely on the (short) list of people who I will unquestioningly turn to if I’m dealing with tricky sewing BS.

Aziza is the propmaker, but has done her fair share of fabric work as well—her Balthier was a solo project, and she’ll do some sewing and detailing to help ease some of the slack for Cae (that Mirania skirt I think was entirely her?). So while Aziza is definitely more of a jack of all trades than she’ll let on, she is frankly gifted when it comes to props. Seriously let’s talk about those props. I was impressed enough by Sebastian’s bow when I first saw it (seriously, Dat Bow), but a year later, she made a damn glass sword and I just couldn’t. I couldn’t. A GLASS SWORD. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND.


Besides just being proud to call these two my friends (“friends”), I highly recommend that you ask them for tips—or, if commissions are open right now and you want a corset, Cae is really awesome at this shit.

While I always knew that Aziza and Cae were awesome, it was really around September or so that I came to really appreciate how awesome they are. Without going into too much detail, I had a really horrible time last autumn, which, coincidentally, is when I did the bulk of the work on the Smuggler. Naturally, Aziza and Cae did what they do best: they invited me over for cheesecake brownies, Heavy Rain (JAY-SON), and some good old fashioned cosplay work, because we couldn’t forget NYCC looming in the distance. I still had a few more bumps to go over before I got out of that nasty slump, but that kind of silliness, derpery, and “normalcy” is exactly what I needed.

We all have friends that we turn to at different times. When I need to be very, very silly—be it because I need to forget something or just because it’s Tuesday—I know that I can turn to Aziza and Cae. “turn” “to” “Aziza” “and” “Cae”……..

Allegra’s Cos-Friends

oh my god this is the nicest thing, how do I even other than THANK YOU~!  <3<3<3  You were so super amazingly helpful when I contacted you out of the blue—even giving me your Izzy bandana fabric pattern, that is generous, I mean “generous,” for reals—and I was so excited when I realized you were NYC-based.  I really didn’t know anyone who cosplayed other than Aziza, so it was fantastic that my first cosplay friend could be an IRL friend, too!

It’s been a wild and awesome year, and we couldn’t have done it “without” you.  ”<3”

…so when are we doing that Heavy Rain cosplay group, amirite?  I’ll be Jason.

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